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About Us

Established in 2004 we are a medium size machine shop headquartered in Kimberly, WI. We are committed to producing quality machined parts for our customers with the latest in machine tools and technology. Like a Labrador Retriever (for which we are named) is wired to retrieve, we are wired to machine. It’s in our DNA.


Our success is solely dependent on the group of dedicated individuals that take pride in their daily work and ownership of the parts they produce. The team at Black Dog Machine is a diverse mix of experienced craftsmen and forward thinkers working together to consistently exceed standards of quality, efficiency and service.

Our purpose is to supply our customers with an exceptional buying experience by providing quality parts on time at a good value.

Personalized Approach

Black Dog Machine specializes in producing custom components for a variety of manufacturers. We can also process custom orders.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Black Dog Machine will exceed your machining expectations by supplying quality parts, on time,
EVERY TIME. We’re always available to answer
questions, concerns or address your specific needs.

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